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Are you a digital health company or medical practice overwhelmed by HIPAA requirements? Under pressue to provide proof of compliance? Get started today with a free trial account and jump-start your organization's HIPAA program.

Security Risk Assessments (SRA)

Let us walk you through a directed set of questions about all areas of your security and privacy program. The SRA is a required component of HIPAA compliance and can act as a guide to what you need to change to achieve compliance.

Throughout the Year. Every Year.

Set up regular reminders and document your monthly compliance activities in our auditor-friendly portal. Your answers to the SRA are also recorded for you to track progress over time, and you can generate reports with all relevant documents whenever necessary.

Compliance Start to Finish

1 Assemble Policies & Procedures
2 First-Run Security Risk Assessment
3 Revise Policies & Procedures
4 "Self-Assessment" SRA
5 Implement Remediations
6 Ongoing Compliance

"Eighty-one percent of Healthcare CIOs surveyed said that strengthening data security was their top business goal for the next 18 months."

- Spok Survey, Oct 2016

Why BasicHIPAA?

Steps Towards HIPAA Compliance Go Solo BasicHIPAA Vendor
HELP! What is HIPAA Anyway? Definitely Yes Yes
Got a few policies, got a few procedures Maybe Yes Yes
Comprehensive Policies & Procedures document Hopefully Yes Pay Hourly
Store your compliance documents (Policies & Procedures, vendor forms, BAA, etc.) in a public place and share with your organization Somewhere Yes No
First-Run Security Risk Assessment, calculate risks and indicate mitigations Probably not? Yes Yes
Adjust internal practices to mitigate high-risk items flagged by SRA Ideally… Yes Yes
Re-Run SRA to get a final report with no high-risk items Someday Yes Yes
Set up a Continuing Compliance calendar with things to do monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annually, etc. Bob's yellow pad Yes No
Execute on the Continuing Compliance calendar and document what got done every month Usually Yes No
Self-Certify / Assert HIPAA Compliance Underconfident Yes N/A
Get a 3rd party assessment, gap analysis, and certificate of compliance with personalized help from certified professionals Overwhelmed No Yes
COST Lost Sleep &
Legal Liability
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We are currently offering a free one-month trial and discounted pricing for new users! Please contact us for more information.

What Will BasicHIPAA Do For My Organization?

Create a free trial account today, and get your compliance program organized in just a few hours:

  • Learn about what HIPAA compliance means and what the important pieces are
  • Get strong policies and procedures in place using our proprietary HHS-based template
  • Execute a Security Risk Analysis as often as you like, highlighting "gaps" in your security program
  • Prioritize and fix ("remediate") those gaps
  • Track your progress month over month and year over year
  • Create an ongoing compliance calendar and receive monthly reminders of what you need to do
  • Want more? We can connect you with approved vendors who can take you the extra mile to a 3rd-party certificate of compliance, if this is required for your organization

After you finish running through the HHS-approved self-assessment, you will be able to assert that you have identified gaps in your compliance and describe your plans to improve, which is one of the first thing compliance auditors will ask for in the event of an audit. Your circumstances may require a 3rd party audit, but running through this yourself first will save considerable time and cost when working with a 3rd party vendor.

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